1938 turkish/german mauser info needed

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    I have an 8mm mauser with an ATI stock on it because all the numbers were not matching so it was only worth about $80 So now Im looking for something like a muzzle brake or that part to go on the barrel from the end of the barrel to about 12inches from the end, I saw that someone had something like what im looking for on a YouTube video but I don't know what they are called.. it looks close to a suppressor but its not.. Please help if you can.. thanks

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    A barrel shroud? Why? Putting a muzzle brake on it will cost more than the rifle is worth. Relax and enjoy what you have. Spend the extra money on ammo.

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    If u have the tools u can thread the barrel yourself that's what I'm doing with my 22-250 that use for varmint hunting and long range shooting