1935 mossberg 85

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by proffitt, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. proffitt

    proffitt New Member

    I was wondering if anyone new or had a 20 gauge barrel for it.
  2. PowerViolence

    PowerViolence New Member

    Welcome to the forum. You might want to try posting into the introductions forum, searching and reading a bit. Nevertheless welcome.

  3. c3shooter

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    Welcome, Profitt- as said, stop by the intro thread and say howdy- and welcome to the forum.

    In the meantime, gunpartscorp.com has 20 g barrels for the Mossberg 85B, which should fit- but to tell you the truth, they are pricey- about half the cost of the entire shotgun- AND- if you are not a gunsmith, and do not have the specialized tools to replace a barrel, I would urge you NOT to try this yourself. Have a smith do the replacement.

    There ARE two used barrels over on gunbroker.com for $25.00 each plus shipping- or an entire complete Mossberg 85D for $99 plus shipping (and ffl fee from dealer you get it shipped to)