1929 winchester 94

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    Hi 1st the gun likes to fire without use of trigger . I can track that down and fix . The ??? Should I have it reblued or leave it be . Don't ever plan on getting rid of gun but the thing almost completely bare of blueing.
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    You are the only one that can make that decision. I would urge you not to reblue.

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    I like the look of a old, well used rifle..... I just fixed up a old Winchester and even kept the old beat stock...
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    1929 winnie

    if you do or do not blue it keep it well oiled to prevent rust from getting out of hand. Two of the best are Ballistol and EEEZOX
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    winchester 94 Receivers

    The receivers contain an alloy that will usually streak or turn brown during the blueing process and will not take the proper color no matter what you do. I just refinished one at work using Caswell's black oxide gel. Came out great. I didn't use the sealer because its like polyurethane for wood and looked bad. I used a rust inhibitor on the finished surface. Let it soak over night and then cleaned it up and rubbed it down with Rig gun grease. Customer is ecstatic about it.
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    Hi Angry! Welcome to the forum!

    Between 64 and 82, there was some unusual steel used in Winchester 94s- have heard it called graphitic steel, but do not know if that is right. I know it does not handle standard bluing well. The gun in question here, tho, is much older than that time frame.

    To the OP- that gun has earned its stripes. Clean it well (light oil, burlap and elbow grease) and keep it as it is.
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    The 94s made in the 20's used a bluing process on the receivers that caused them to fade over time. I have my grandfather's 94 made in 1926; the barrel and magazine still have excellent bluing, but the receiver is completely bare.

    This is normal and any collector will recognize it for what it is. Even if you can get a decent reblue, rebluing it will damage collector value. Just keep it oiled.
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    according to Garp.............

    Find the Buyer First. If you go by pawn dealers ask three times what you want.....................They will screw you over................LOl, they say its all rusted over, then they say you cleaned off all the patina............Watch ricks face on pawn stars...................:eek:;)
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    "First of all I would like to see some pictures of your prize"!

    If I were you, I would get the action fixed by a competent gunsmith! Parts are probably available for you.
    But in no way would I touch the finish unless the gun is so rough that the gun is of little value. Which I doubt that is why we would like to see some pictures. But as was stated the choice is yours but if you refinish it you can ruin the value! I know you are not ever planning on parting with the gun. But relics are relics and I hate to see people destroy that.
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    I bet he's already made his decision. This thread was started back in 2011! :p
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    I had a 94 .30-30 made in the fifties...until someone broke in.
    Ihave a 94 in .32 spcl. They reblued it and were careful with the wheel but you can still tell it was polished. I've seen many different reblued guns that were ruined by the quick polishing necessary to turn out production. I have a Colt trooper with maybe a box of shells through it. I sent it back to Colt to reblue the barrel from holster wear near the end of the barrel. Along with other trainee mistakes they ruined the gun. It has sat in a sock, in the pistol case for over thirty years unfired. It is not safe. I would want to see some examples, of anyone's work before I let them touch another of my guns.
    If you can live with the cosmetics, I wouldn't let a "smith" ruin it.