1914 Mauser pistol 7.65

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    Hi, I have a 1914 Mauser. I discovered that the Trigger spring was broken. I disassembled pistol to the point where trigger and broken trigger spring could be removed. I ordered a new spring from Numrich and found that the loop in the new spring was just slightly larger than the receiving opening in the frame. I tried compressing the spring so I could insert it into position, and it promptly broke. I have now ordered another new spring and have the new one. I am apprehensive about compressing this new spring lest it too will snap on me. One suggestion I rec'd was to heat the spring, but I'm not comfortable with doing that.
    Does anyone have another suggestion on how to proceed. I am surprised the this flat spring is so fragile and unable to be compressed enough to fit back into it's recess.

    Thanks for any help.:confused
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