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Manufacturer - Hogue

I do not own the 1911 that these grips were put on. I bought the grips for myself when I go shooting with my cousin who owns the gun, so I just swap them out. That being said, these are nice grips. Sure I like the look but that is a matter of opinion and style. They are very comfy in my medium sized hands. The grips absorb the recoil very well, which from the guns I have shot with Hogue grips on them seems to be the norm. The grips can be a little tight when installing them on the gun. They use the screws to hold them on the gun but you have to tug, pull, and stretch to make them fit correctly. They fit like a glove after that. The rubber is not sticky at all but is rather grippy so at no time was I worried about not having control of the gun. I have used other less expensive grips on the same gun before but none of them are as nice as the Hogue grips.