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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by 1911newbee, Apr 17, 2011.

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    hello all.i recently got a 1911 mill spec,by springfeild.i've put 200 rounds through it now and love it.Thinking adout adding some grips,new sights,and beaver tail grip safety.Any tips or suggestions on brands?Good bad or ugly.Thanks.
  2. danf_fl

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    IMO, Ed Brown or EGW parts. They look good and function great.

    (If you remember to keep your upgrades simple, do regular maintenance, change springs on a regular basis, your firearm will outlast you.)

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  4. CA357

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    Please don't take this the wrong way. My suggestion is to not make any changes at this time. Shoot the heck out of it for a while. Try and get around 1,000 rounds or more down the pipe. Then you'll really know the pistol and have a feel for it and what it will do.

    While you're at it, try and shoot as many different 1911's as you can get your hands on. Then make the changes based on your own experience. I think you'll be happier with the results.
  5. Scratchammo

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    Tritium night sights if you intend to carry.
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    What are you using the gun for? Range, carry, combination, competitive shooting (what kind). Tough to come up with a "generic" set of mods without knowing the purpose of the gun.
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    +1 on the shoot the heck out of it and as many others as you can before you start making changes. Changes for the sake of changes sometimes turn a good gun into a piece of crap.
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    If your going to modify these are the parts to use along with some Tripp's mags.

    I also agree with not changing anything just yet; still very early in the game.

    As for new grips, way to personal a thing to ask advise on, but I love my C&S Dymonwood Grips:

  9. 1911newbee

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    that makes perfect sense.thank you sir.steven
  10. jismail

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    Lots of quality add on parts out there to choose from but some general parts to consider as your first upgrades:

    Arched MSH, this is a personal preference based on feel, but for many, it is desireable, and the US Army found it tends to help shooters who typically shoot low with a 1911 by force adjusting their grip.

    mag-well, can be helpful in quick mag change situations. can also be a one piece unit as part of the MSH

    Memory bump grip safety - some like them, some don't - helps you maintain consistent grip by having a tactile location on your hand via the bump.

    Sight choice - what do you need? I picked tactical low profile night sights as my first upgrade, but found that as my primary usage was indoor range, the night sights were too hard to see, so I changed them again for hi-vis white dots which for me, made more sense. Determine your usage prior to picking them out.

    Grips - some look cool but feel crappy - there are also things like finger grip add ons that will work with any normal grip. Regardless, make sure you know if you like 'sticky' rubber grips or slick, or smooth hard grips, and if you get a magwell extension, you will need un-beveled grips to match

    Ambi-safety - good if you need to shoot as a lefty ......

    Trigger - there are many options here for type and pull, find out the benefits of them all before modifying.

    Many other potential upgrades out there that can be done by you with a few simple tools - but as the others have said, shoot it enough to make an educated choice on which upgrade apply to you.
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    Take your time...

    Take your time. Save your money. For now, you'll be plenty busy finding "your" ammo, and shooting it all up. Gets expensive. They were made to last. Putting new stuff on changes things. Sometimes for the worst. If it works, don't **** with it. I finally got around to doing the grips.
    RIA 1911-A1
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    hey buddy.sorry for the delay.i will be carrying it at work under my clothes and probably wouldn't have to shoot further that 10 yards or so.If i had to defend myself.Thin grips for consealment?Also im not familar with what changes in sights if any would be needed.so far ive ben just shooting the devil out of it.Not nig on the 3 dot sights,but dont know much about other types. steven