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    Hi I was hoping I could find some information out about my guns. I have a Colt 1911 Model 45 with checkered wood grips. I did some research on the internet and I believe it is a 1921. The code on it is C-128xxx. I was hoping you could confirm the year and give me a range on the price. I do not know a whole lot about guns but I believe it is in the 90% range as far as condition. I really like it and am going to keep it but would like to know for insurance purposes and if I absolutely had to sell it.

    I also have a Colt Woodsman series 2 in a 4 1/2 in barrel. I also did some research on it and found out it was the first to have the release for the magazine on the left grip by the thumb. The model number on it is 728xx-S. I would like the same info for it.

    Thanks for your time and any information you can give me. I would like to know more about my firearms and figured this was a good place to ask.

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    If you intend to stick around, head on over to the "Introductions" section and let us get to know you.

    If not, post some detailed pictures and someone may be able to help you...

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    How To Post Pics on FTF << Click Here

    A true 90% would command $1,850. More if you have providence.

    MODEL 1911 ā€“ Commercial production
    Capital ā€œCā€ prefix - .45 cal.

    1921 C127000-C128999
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    Your pistol's frame is a Commercial frame (as opposed to a military frame) and was manufactured in 1921.