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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Shooter, May 9, 2007.

  1. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member

    There are so many producers of the 1911.

    Do they all use the same specs. so all 1911 grips are the same?
  2. Dgunsmith

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    Try : www.vzgrips.com

    real nice CNC machined micarta grips in various colors & patterns cut in.
    Also makes atandard and thin grips. Thin grips are nice but requier short
    echushions and screws..which they also have.

    Grips ARE NOT all alike except hole locations.
    If you have an S&A mag well, you will want non tapered grips so they will fill in all the way down to the mag well.

    Feel free to e-mail any 1911 questions to me !
    After 10 years @ Les Baer..I have seen it all ! Phil

  3. Mac79912

    Mac79912 New Member

    Been getting grips from Rassco lately.Good grips and the prices are decent.
  4. matt g

    matt g New Member Supporter

    Nope. There are a few different grips. The differences are largely the location of the screws.

    When I got the Hogue Combats for my Kimber, I grabbed Colt Commander grips without thinking about it. When I got them home, they didn't fit. When I returned them, the clerk pointed out that the Commander grips were different from the Compact grips.
  5. Sarge43

    Sarge43 New Member

    Fit will vary in a HUGE way between grips. You will see the extreme undersized panels which show over 1/8" of frame all around and just look terrible up to the custom fit handmade grips and everything in between. Besides the fit of the grips to the frame, there are also issues of difference with thickness and shaping. A properly radiused grip panel will fill your hand and be pleasant to hold. The low side of grips can be a basic block with slightly rounded corners that will leave your hand bruised and sore. Again, there is everything in between available also. Textures - Some people prefer smooth, some light texture, some heavy texture, some would love to glue boulders on there and that still wouldn't be rough enough for them. :p Finding the right combination of all these factors for YOU is the challenge. When you find the right combination of elements for YOU, not only will your shooting sessions be comfortable, you may be surprised at how much your accuracy with the given weapon will improve too.
    Many brands and makers out there, just take the time to get the answers to the questions on the factors that are important for YOU.