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  1. Hey everyone,
    I currently own two 5" Colt 1911s and I'd like to get a slightly smaller aluminum/steel 1911 for CCW. Before you all ask, ya IL doesn't have CCW yet but I can still get out of state Utah & Florida permits to carry when traveling out of state.

    I'm not looking for a 3" barrel, at least 4" but no more than 4.25". I'd really like a Colt but unfortunately I can't find the Wiley Clapp 21st century commander anywhere anymore (if you know a place, let me know! :) )... I kinda like the O4860XSE (stainless commander) but I'm not a fan of unprotected stainless on a gun that's going to be holstered, sweat on etc. I know that only the slide is actually stainless on that one, but I would have preferred the whole gun to be Cerakoted in black (like my "Rail Gun").

    Therefore I am open to hear about other manufacturers. I've looked at Kimber because they don't seem to be ridiculously overpriced but unfortunately part of me doesn't feel comfortable getting a Kimber yet, also i can't get used to their slide serrations. I was looking at the Compact Stainless II and the Compact CDP II, both look great on paper.

    Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat etc are NOT on my list, I can't justify dropping $4k on a 1911, even less on a lightweight aluminum one.

    And most importantly of all, I want it manufactured in the US by an American company. I know I'm being extremely picky but that'll be my choice as long as I can make it! As a last resort I'll consider Springfield, I know they make great guns.
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    Dad has a kimber, it is a 3 inch, lightweight frame
    And slide. Stainless finish. Has carried it at least 12 years? No rust. As far as the Wiley clapp goes, cane might make you jealous...

  3. CA357

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    My EDC, a Kimber Pro Carry II. It has a 4" barrel and doesn't have front slide serrations. I carry it IWB in a Milt Sparks Summer Special.

  4. 25-5

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    You might want to look for a Colt series 70 or 80. I carry a 70 Gov. all day when out of IL. Mine was new, but has at least 60M run thru it. So it is quite used and in tip top shape. It's my Avatar.
    Note: FL does not honor CCW from other than home states. So IL res. are out. I got my CCW fr FL to circumvent that.
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    I like the bob tail.
    Ed Brown has them on his Kobra carry, and Dan Wesson has it on their C-BOB.

    Kimber has a round tail, but it is not as nice.
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    Manufactured in the states pretty well limits you to Colt, Kimber or Smith & Wesson, unless you're able to spring for the $$$ to buy a custom.

    Colt has the Lightweight XSE Commander, but it is only offered in SS & may be just as hard to find as the Wiley Clapp. You may be able to find an oldered commander, used, in the blue finish.

    Kimber's Pro Carry II is a lightweight & available in matte black finish.

    Not too familiar with Smith & Wessons, but I believe they do offer a lightweight commander, just not sure if they have it other than stainless.

    P.S. I forgot about the Dan Wesson Guardian with aluminum frame, available in 9mm & .45 ACP. But price is getting close to custom status.
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    Dan Wesson CCO. Great carry gun.


    Colt also makes a CCO (last time I looked anyway). It is a bit easier on the wallet.
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    My High Standard is my EDC

    Wouldnt have it any other way
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    2nd Amendment,

    You might look around at the gun shows and see if you can find an older Colt Lt. Wt. Commander. I have one that we customized using a Kart Barrel and Brown parts. It is a great carry 1911.
    I usually see at least one or more at most of the larger gun shows. And most are in great shape. They have been bedroom drawer guns for years!

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    My God but this pic is going to get worn out!!!

  11. Thanks guys, I'm going to look into S&W. What are your thoughts on STI? I can find a few on gunbroker.
  12. Gatoragn

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    STI makes an excellent 1911.
  13. Unfortunately I looked and nothing they have really fits the bill, most of their CCW 1911 have steel frames. I don't know maybe I'm going to end up looking for a steel CCW gun lol.