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I dont mean to hijack the thread, but dont think my question needs a separate one.

A few weeks ago I bought a Colt full size (5" barrel), and plan on getting my CHL sometime in the near future. Would that be to big to use as a ccw? What are my options for holsters to use?
You cant go wrong with a Fobus Paddle Holster. This is a outside the belt holster and the problem with the 5" is the barrel tell.

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Here are the extremes, a ultra mouse 45 and my Fenrir w/6.5" barrel.

One of my favorites is the Galco Royal Guard. An extremely comfortable holster for the 5" Government (but not so much for Fenrir as you can see) which can be worn all day. Because it's a IWB it has max concealment.

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I have both and like and use them. Well worth the money!


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