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    So, I had a Stainless Kimber TLE/RL II full size for a few years. It had some undesirable issues that were beyond a pain caused from a kick to the balls buy a guy suffering from a bad case of elephantitis on the nutz. Anyway, it's long gone. Now I'm pondering which one to hunt down. (I will not even consider to Taurus) I like the Colt Gov't Model, the Remington R1 pearl harbor edition, Sig FastBlack 1911 Nightmare, RIA, but am thinking about the ATI for it's super low $400 entry level gun. this will be one I tinker with so I'm not in the market for the highest dollar gun possible.

    What are everyones experiences from here during your tenure he at FATF

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    okay here's my take on 1911's.

    the Colt is the original and the standard to which all other 1911's are based on and measured by. this is not that the colt is the best there is, just the original and the pattern that everyone else has copied to some extent. because of this, the Colts will always be regarded as the iconic of the 1911's. the Colts will always be considered the heirlooms of the 1911 world of 1911's. Colts are, well they are Colts!

    Kimber makes some very nice looking 1911's no doubt, but with such a short warranty period and such a high price, it's what would keep my from buying one. some have wonderful luck with them and some have miserable luck with them. go figure!

    Remington R1's. well i have one. very well made and very accurate pistol. fit and finish are great. love mine. biggest detractor is the Series 80 style firing system. because of this mine will probably never get modified. made a simple grip change, and that's all mine needs. Remington did the 1911 right with the birth of the R1's. and they are attractively priced as well. and they are offering more versions as well. great pistols.

    RIA's are gaining in popularity and rightfully so. very well made pistols at a very decent price. reliable and decently accurate. available in several calibers, sizes and finishes. very good choice for the budget minded or those looking for one to modify and build into a truly custom pistol. many who own them are very impressed with them. i have handled them and would not hesitate in buying one.

    ATI. not for sure about them. heard very little, so i won't comment at this time on them. would like to check them out and see what they would be in comparison to.