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    I want to buy a 1911 but I don't know which to buy under 900.00. I like Springfield but don't really like the park look. I don't want stainless either. I want a 1911 that has a shiney black finish. I really want the SA loaded A1 but don't want stainless or parkerized. What are my options? I also want to make sure its a good and accurate 1911 as this will be my only one I buy for a long time. Thanks guys.
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    how about the Remington R1 Enhanced? satin black finish, very accurate and well made. MSRP of $940, but i am sure you could get it for much less, like i did. mine was $875 plus tax. i have shot mine with all types of factory ammo plus my reloads with no problems. the only change to mine was the grips. so far everyone that i know that has bought the R1 has been very pleased with it. here's a link to the specs.


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    The "shiny" black finish has all but disappeared. Seems trends are that people prefer the satin or matte black look and it also happens to be cheaper to produce so that helps a well. I also dislike parkerizing and stainless gets boring. You can always buy a parked Springer that you like and have it sent off for a high gloss reblue. I've done a few guns like that and was very happy with the results.
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    Try getting the Parkerized and having it coated in a black finish that you like. Parkerizing makes a great base for absorbing and bonding a aftermarket coating to the gun. It will really help in corrosion resistance as well.

    Norrels Moly Resin, Lauer Duracoat, Cerakote, all coould be applied over a parkerized finish.
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    Taurus sells a polished blue 1911. I just picked one up a few days ago.

    Crappy pic but you get the idea. Looks beautiful in person
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    Here's a pic of a Kimber Match Target that I did in Brownell's Aluma Hyde. Coyote brown and tan. The Aluma Hyde will wear a bit around the muzzle from going in and out of the holster, but can be touched up easily. I have Cerakoted a few guns, much more durable, just more expensive and doesn't come in spray cans like the Aluma Hyde so you have to use a small touch up spray gun. The sprayer I bought from Brownell's was about $30.

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    For the best black shine, nobody has topped Colt's "royal blue". A nice used one will be priced accordingly. Colt used to take orders for refinishing, they might still be doing it.