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    What is required to switch calibers in a 1911? Let me clarify the question a little more. I have a Taurus PT-100 and with just a complete slide, barrel, and magazine I can convert from 40 caliber to 9mm, to 22lr. Can the same be done with a 1911, or is there something additional I'm missing? Thanks.
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    Slide stop, ejector, and frame ramp are different depending on caliber.

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    There are some caliber conversion kits but i havent found one that works well. I think the reason for it is you just cant beat a good 45. For the price of a marvel conversion you can get a gsg 1911 22 from ati or sig
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    1911 conversions

    I have converted several 1911's to different calibers. In general it requires the proper slide, barrel, ejector and magazine. I have done full size frames (Colt, Auto Ordance, and Springfield) from 45 to 9mm, 38 Super, 10mm, and 41AE (the 41AE is based upon a 9mm rim size and is a rebated rim case). In most instances the feed ramp on the frame worked well. In one instance it reqiured some work to feed reliably. In the case of the 41AE, 10mm mags from a Colt Delta Elite in 10mm worked very well. I have not attempted the conversions on a commander sized frame but would think that the process is similar. I have also installed a Kimber 22LR conversion on an Essex frame that worked well also. Good luck.