1911 Bobtail video?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by DerespinaKnives, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. DerespinaKnives

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    Hi all,
    I recently got a Springfiled LW Champ OD/black. Used it works perfectly, great size, love it! But was considering two things, Bobtaailing it and checkering the front strap. Which means I'd have to re coat it as well. I work with metals often and have alot of freehand experience. As well as machinery experience. However, I've never gunsmithed before. Anyone here know of any videos showing how to Bobtail a 1911 and/or checker the straps?

    Any info is greatly appreciated. I could just take it to a smith but if I can do it on my own that'd be more fun and rewarding!
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    If have metallurgy experience I would say practice on something first then determine if you have the skill to do it. I wouldn't want to mess up one of my guns. I would rather a gun smith do it so if it does get messed up you have somebody to blame and replace the mess up.