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  1. hillbilly68

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    OK gents (and ladies)

    I think I have decided, but I am looking for collective input on this. Mostly looking for capabilities or drawbacks between the two options that I may not have thought to consider.

    The two contenders are Kimber Pro CDP II and the Custom CDP II. No others are up for debate.

    For those that dont know me I am fairly well versed in the "1911 thing", so this is specifically a 1911 CCW barrel length debate/ discussion. Not a "the 1911 is awesomely better than anything else" discussion.

    The gun will be for CCW. Current CCW is a Kimber Pro Carry HD. Carried concealed OWB in Kydex (Raven Concealment).

    Anybody else made this decision and why? Pros and Cons?

    Exterior and Terminal Ballistics, holster clearance, reliability, etc.

  2. DrumJunkie

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    I carry a commander length mostly (Para LTC). It's not a lot smaller than the gov frame. but it is a little easier to carry in the warmer weather.

  3. JonM

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    smallest gun you can be accurate with is the way to go. the smaller a gun gets the more brutal it gets to fire and the more difficult follow ups become. back in texas i carried a 1911 fullsize when i could and a ppk/s in 380 when i couldnt. i played around with a para ord p10 but it was way too small to shoot comfortably, quickly and accurately under stress.

    my opinion largest one you can easily conceal.

    SHAMUSPI New Member

    As you probably are already aware of, size of your carry gun will depend upon the size of your body. In my work as a PI, I am seated in a vehicle or a chair in front of a computer most the time, so I carry a full size (5" bbl) 1911 in a shoulder holster, or a S&W J-frame in an ankle holster in hot weather. Today's ammo somewhat takes into account shorter bbls with different than "normal" powders (burn rate), flash suppressants, bullet weights, etc, with some even labeled for short(er) bbls. Choosing between your choices is too personal, and must be answered by those who specifically own/carry them.;)
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  5. Pat-inCO

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    My chronograph told me that (my reloads are - 185Gr Nosler HP, over 7.5Gr of Unique):
    5" = 1,000 fps
    4" = 910 fps
    3" = 850 fps

    I believe that all would be effective. I prefer the 4" (Kimber Pro) simply for the convenience of the one inch shorter barrel, yet lower perceived recoil than the 3".

    What I used were:
    for my testing.

    Having just latched on to a Custom Super Carry, don't ignore those - if you can find one. :rolleyes: :D
  6. hillbilly68

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    Pat, great information. That is exactly the comparison I was fishing for. 90 fps shouldn't make a lot of difference with expansion.

    I cant tell a lot of difference between my 4" Pro Carry and my 5" gov't as far as "feel" and perceived recoil. But then again, my Pro Carry is one of the HD models so she is pretty heavy for a shortened 1911. Now the Colt Officers ACP is a different story, hand cannon at best with the 3 inch bbl. Not pleasant at all to shoot.