1909 Argentine Mauser in 30-06

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    Title says it all... A client dropped off an all matching 1909 Argentine Mauser with a 23" barrel marked: cal 30-06.. Stock looks original to the gun. Barrel has pitting on it. He wants a scope mounted to it but although the bolt is bent, it will not allow for clearence of a conventional scope base/mount setup.. Based on the limited info I've gotten from the internet, value for this firearm could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. I am not currently set up to drill and tap for scope mounting but discussed the poss. of getting a scout mount type base installed. I'll be consulting with a gunsmith tomorrow.

    My main concern before getting started is: What is the rarity of the firearm... truely? Cosmetically the rifle only needs barrel pitting removed and reblueing and is missing the butt plate (which he's asked me to find and install). The rifling of the barrel is amazingly clean. The stock will need no work at all. Aside from some pitting in a small area of the barrel, the rifle is in great condition.

    So... Does anyone no where I can find a scout mount for this rifle and can anyone provide info on value before I get started restoration?

    Thanks in advance ..
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    1909 Argentine mauser 7.65x53

    the Argentine Mauser M1909; barrel groove dia.: .311"

    If its a 1909 in 30-06 its been already messed up so might as well scope your brains out, as long as you load it 7.65-06 you may be able to tighten up your shot patterns.
    its a bastardized chambering like when they reamed out 8mm mausers to 8mm-06

    Slug the bore, is the barrel original 1909 military barrel, because if it is it will have a groove dia of .311", importers used to ream the 1909 chambers out to 30-06 and leave the .311 barrels on the action, accuracy was not as great useing .308 bullets instead of .311 bullets



    https://www.loaddata.com/members/se...berid=53&header=7.65mm Caliber Reloading Data
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