1906 Winchester .22 rifling condition

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    I inherited a pump-action Winchester .22 with "Mod 1906" on the barrel, and a friend of mine looked down the barrel in the sunshine and showed me that the rifling is barely discernible and looks "bumpy" or "fuzzy". It looks like the rifling has rusted away over the years. When I got it, I cleaned and oiled it and tons of residue came off on the cloth strips. I know the history of the gun for the last 30+ years; it has been kept in a sock in a closet, 2 miles from the ocean. I fired it as a child 25 years ago, and I'm not sure it's been fired since.

    Is the gun a display-only piece now, or is there some way to use it for recreation? Will I damage it (or myself) by firing it? Can the rifling be repaired? Is it possible to re-barrel it with an authentic barrel? Your help is appreciated.

    Glenn in CA
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    Glen, first, welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, stop by the intro thread, and say hello.

    Regarding your Winchester- rebarreling is POSSIBLE, not easy, not cheap, and would kill any collector value.

    Re: bore condition- it is POSSIBLE but rare to destroy the bore of a 22. It is far more likely that the bore is dirty, and leaded up.

    Try this- With the bore horizontal, mop the bore with a good solvent. The standard for years has been Hoppes #9, there are others. Let the mopped bore marinate for a half hour. Then brush with a bore brush- all the way through before going the other way. About 25 strokes. Then a clean patch about 5 times, then repeat mopping, marinating, brushing, clean patch. You are trying to get solvent under the deposits in the bore, to permit brushing to break them loose.

    There is also a product called KROIL- made by Kano Labs. It is a penetrating oil on steroids. you can put rifle muzzle down, fill bore, let set overnight, and empty it, brush it, patch it.

    AFTER cleaning, see what the bore looks like. Is your rifle safe to shoot? With standard velocity 22s, maybe- but we can't tell at long range- need a smith to check it out. Probably is- I have some 22s with patent dates in the 1880s that I shoot.

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    listen to c3 above.
    even crappy looking bores often shoot pretty good. you could also have a gunsmith re-line the bore. clean the heck out of that bore and then try shooting it with standard velocity ammo.