1903 Springfield Sporter

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    I don't know whether this should be posted here or in the optics section.

    I picked up a nice 1903 Springfield that has been sporterized.

    I'm looking for a scope base or bases that match the holes already drilled and tapped into the receiver. It seems to have been a one piece mount. I found a nice Redfield JR. mount that looked like it would work on the rifle. The front screw spacing is correct and in just looking at it, it looked like the rear screw would match, but the rear screw is about a 1/32 off. The rear screw spacing needs to be about 1/32 inch longer to match the mount.

    I can't seem to find much of anything on the screw spacing of mounts that were made to fit the 03. Since the holes have already been drilled into the receiver I would like to mount a scope on it using those holes. I do not want to drill any more holes. Anyone have any ideas? I am not interested in the S&K mount. Do Leupolds have the same screw spacing? Any other makers of mounts for the 1903. Most of what I see are for the 03A3. I suppose I could use a dremel to oblong the rear screw hole in the mount if necessary.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Sorry, can't suggest a particular brand Springfield scope mount to use to fit your mount hole pattern.

    But, have encountered your problem before. Anyway, as the problem is rear hole in mount being about 1/32 off, I'd be tempted to take my dremel tool or a needle file to the mount hole and open it up in direction you need to go to get it to fit. Of course, you'll need to work the counter sink of the mount hole too to fit angle of the mount screw. Its a pain to do, but can be done.

    As you have a Springfield 1903, not sure I'd do the next suggestion for I've had a couple of sporterized ones with some very thin receiver metal where rear mount hole would go. But, sometimes going to the next size mount screw size may be enough to correct the problem, but both the mount screw hole and the screw hole in the receiver will need to be worked on to accept the larger screw. Of course you'll need to re-drill and tap the receiver hole to the larger size screw, perhaps working this hole to move it in direction to fit center of hole in mount. Also opening up the mount hole for the larger diameter screw and maybe moving the hole a tad in direction needed to center it properly might be enough to correct your problem.

    Any way, good luck finding a mount that fits your hole spacing.

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    Thanks for the reply huffmanite. I am probably going to go the route of using either a file or my dremel to move the hole in the mount slightly.