1895 Winchester quandry

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    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have question about my new to me 1895. After lusting after this rifle since I was little, my grandfather handed this down to me. Its a carbine chambered in .303 and hadn't been fired in almost 40 years. I took it to a local smith to have it checked out to see if it was safe to shoot. Unfortunatly, the barrel is done for. Rust has pitted the bore so badly that the smith is afraid it may blow if I fired it. The gunsmith said he could make a new barrel for it for about $700. He also said he could re-bore the original barrel into a larger caliber for much less. My quandry is this:

    Is the rifle worth the money to put a new barrel on it? I will never part with it, but I really would like to have a functional weapon and not just a wall hanger. I don't want to change the bore of the rifle. I like the .303 but am I foolish to not consider doing this?

    Thanks everyone for your time. This board seems to have a lot of knowledgable people on it.
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    I would not go for the new barrel. I would check out all the internet gun auction sites for an original barrel first(might be in a different caliber). Else I would look for a junker '95 with a good barrel and swap 'em out and sell the junker again. I have seen many '95's for $500 to $1000. I think Trez has a 30-40 for sale now(you could PM him to check). Or just leave it all original as a wall hanger and buy something else to shoot. Just my 2cents.

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    Thanks hiwall. I was thinking the same thing. Its hard to justify that much money for something that spend most of the time in my safe. I didn't think about used barrels, but thats a good idea. I'll try that route first.
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    I don't understand how rust pits in a barrel could make it blow, but boring it out will make it safe to shoot. Is there somethig about rust I'm missing?

  5. Trez

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    Seems alot of '95 have been appearing lately.... I guess I stared a trend.. :cool:

    I agree with Hiwall... I would look for a original replacement... For less than the $700 you should be able to find one, it may take some time, but would be worth it.. Im finding Winchester collectors are some picky SOB's :p

    Have you tried taking the rifle to other shops? The gunsmith who installed my barrel said it was one the worst he ever installed and I should only shoot jacketed bullets and not expect any accuracy.. But when I took it to some shops in town, They said it was one of the best they ever seen on a 100+ year old Winchester... To make my story short, I regularly shoot my '95 using lead bullets (without leading) and its actually pretty accurate, dispite what the smith said, but he never told me it would blow up...

    What caliber did the gunsmith want to make it into? with a .303 your already at a .311-.312 bore

    And yes, Hiwall is correct.. My Winnie '95 is for sale... I like the '95 but Im lusting over a certain M1 Garand...:(