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1893 marlin

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what can you tell me about 1893 marlin carbine? mac222
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Do you own one that you want to know more about?
Are you looking at buying one?
What caliber.
With out this information all I could do is serve you platitudes and whatever a web search tells.
It's a short version of a 1983 marlin rifle
A short rifled version of the 1893 Musket
the marlin is an 1983 cal. 38/55. its appears org. finish is 85% wood is very good considering age, some minor nicks no cracks. bore is very good no rust or pitting, action is nice and tight comes with 76 rounds smokless ammo. in org. box. also included like new scalbord (horse) yes i have the chance to buy, i am not fam. with this cal. mac222
It sounds like a beuatiful, expensive, well loved and cared for firearm/ art piece! .38-55 is an old caliber that was dead and obsolete until cowboy action shooting brought it back. You can now buy factory loaded cartridges for it. Here are a few links on it.
and where to buy some ammo***690***
thanks for the info. am fam with a few older cart. but must have missed that one. i am new at computer/webb etc. but old at other things, so if make a mistake please bare with me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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