1885 Browning Problem

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    I recently recieved a Bowning highwall with a broken sear spring.
    After replacing same as per all manuals the hammer will not hit the firing pin.
    It drops to the safty notch in the sear and no farther.
    I have reassembled time and time again with no results.
    I have tried different sear springs and trigger return springs,all of which were
    ordered direct from Browning.
    Any insight to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks WOOFT1
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    Hi Wooft1,

    First of all, please stop by the intro section and tell us a little about yourself and your high wall. There are losts of guys in here that would love to help ya out.

    If you havent done any gunsmithing before------stop now and take your rifle to a gunsmith.

    If you have gunsmithing experience..........

    I would 2x check the rifle with a schematic (schematic of the action if possible) to make sure that all of your parts are put in the correct way. IF you are 100% sure that the parts are assembled correctly, I would then check the trigger weight adjustment screw. It may be adjusted too heavy. If neither one of these work, i would suggest you take your rifle to a qualified gunsmith. (adjusting or installing the action, sear or trigger incorrectly could be a safety issue)

    hope this helps.

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