1861 Colt Army Revolver

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    Hello all,,,new member here with a question. I am a metal detector enthusiast, who enjoys relic hunting at Indian Wars sites. My hunting partner and I, while hunting the site of an 1867 fight between the US Army 5th Cavalry, and the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers at Summit Springs Colorado, found buried at a depth of approximately 11 inches, the above captioned revolver. The serial number is #130842.

    There were no Army casualties, but many Cheyenne killed. The revolver was found at a place in the Indian encampment where it has been reported that a brave called Two Crows through his revolver into the creek bed to free his hands long enough to rescue several of his people. Thus...we believe this weapon to be the same, and to have been in Indian hands at that time.

    We would love to be able to trace the history of this weapon to better understand how it got into the hands of the Cheyenne. Any suggestions or help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Besides here on the Forum, I can be reached at mr_cctv@msn.com.

    Thank you........Chuck

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    Your Post says 1861 Colt - But the Display says .44 cal -- 1861 Colt's were 36 caliber, 1860 Colts were .44cal. Still a Very Interesting find with a lot of History behind it I'm sure.

    Good Luck on the Research

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    I would advise getting a factory archive letter. Colt manages and actually has good records of most of their older guns. They can usually tell the options from factory as well as the original ship to address. They range in price from about $75 to $300 depending on the model, but I think it would certainly be worth it for something that old. I have posted a link below for additional factory letter information:

    Colt Factory Letter Information