186,000 rounds of Lake City 5.56!

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    Got your attention anyway ;)

    Had an awesome day today, my brother in law and I went to the Lake City Army Ammo facility and got a hands-on walk through of the production. The commander is a friend of his, so we got the full monty.

    Couple of things jumped out at me after today:

    The age of machinery that produces our ammo for the Army. Most of it is from the 1940's, some from 1970's. Amazing seeing the process.

    The quality of the ammo is unmatched at the production rates. These guys know their stuff and are very careful about quality control.

    They can turn out a ****load of ammo in a short time. Wow.

    Most of the internet "experts" that spew forth their BS about .mil ammo are full of crap; most of it is a bad guess on their behalf.
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    I was just reading about Mark DeYoung's appointment as the company's new President and Chief Executive at Alliant Techsytems .

    ATK brands include: Federal, CCI, Speer and Outers. ATK's Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri is capable of producing 1.5 billion rounds of small arms ammunition annually.

    Did you get any photos?

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    No photos, sorry my tentacled friend. The fire suppression systems dont react well to a flash, so we decided to leave the cameras in the truck. And a lot of the areas have a no electronics requirement. I wish I had a pic of the 7.62 sorter, what a genius piece of machinery. All "Industrial Age" stuff for the most part.
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    It's the same way at Sierra Bullets. A lot of their punch presses have been around for ages. They have their own in-house machine shop for making new parts & machines though, and the QC department is incredible. :cool:

    Last time I was there they were making .224 (5.56) bullets ONLY for a military contract and had stopped ALL other production. (Remember that ammo shortage problem?) They devoted the entire plant to cranking out bullets for the military (Lake City I assume) to keep them supplied.