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they dont work well out of a 308 because the case just doesnt hold enough powder to make that bullet weight efficient for hunting. its the weak spot of the 308.

once you hit 165-168grains thats pretty much it. this past december my wife DID shoot her first deer with her 308 using a 180grain nosler partition bullet but the yardage was 92yards and she is a superb shot. got him right in the heart.

the reason we usd that bullet was time constraints in working up a good hunting load for her gun. we had one range trip to get an accurate hunting load. the test cartridge for the 180 was most accurate.

for whitetail at less than 200yards it will work just fine. i wouldnt use it on something bigger than whitetail.

my scar17 is 1-12 twist 16inch barrel and i use hornady 150grain sst at roughly 2600fps. accuracy is very very good and drops deer deader than dead. just dont shoot em through any meat you want to eat. i use neck shots with this load and it literally snaps the neck and drops the deer with no chase at all.
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