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I was looking into your 2 weapons yesterday and had to quite to get some other stuff done but I will try and find out more on them if possable.

What I have found so far is that the names on them are the Lock makers name. Joseph Golcher was the lock maker for your rifle and Fred k Simes was the lock maker for your shotgun.

The company that manufactured the shotgun may be an English company that used the words London fine twist to sell their guns. There is some indications that they may of had a small manufacturing company also here in the U.S.

The dates that these shotguns could of been manufactured in were between 1801 to 1900.

Take a real good close look at the barrel and chamber area of the shotgun and see if there is any stamping on or around them, look for 2 numbers one may say 12 and the other may say 13 or 14.

The rifle I would need some more info on maybe a pic or two, also does the stock of the shotgun have anything carved into the wood?
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