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  1. randy420

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    I have been looking at HD shotguns for something to keep for home defense and as something fun to mess with at the range. I like the Winchester sxp and the stoeger coach gun but I can't decide on one. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. robocop10mm

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    Winchester 120, 1200, 1300, Defender. Strongest, fastest actions made.

    Remington 870. The gun all other pump guns are compared to.

    Mossberg 590 or (second choice) 500. Solid, affordable, many accessories available.

    No experience with the SXP. Would not consider a double barrel to be my first (or second) choice (sorry Uncle Joe).

  3. akers06

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    I agree with the 130,1200, and the 1300s in my opinion they are the best pump guns ever made.....but the sxps are good guns also as far as a new pump gun I would go with a sxp.or benelli nova
  4. PanBaccha

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    Let's not leave the Mossberg 590A1 out of the loop of consideration. ;)

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  5. JonM

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    i like double side by side shotguns but they are NOT for home defense. while they can be used for such in a pinch, if i had to buy a defense gun first i would not choose a double.

    my doubles come out for cowboy action shooting clay shooting and small game hunting and thats about it. thats all they are really good for.
  6. Geobob

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    If all you want is a home defense 18.5" barrel shotgun, consider the IAC Hawk 982 ($200 new), a Rem 870 clone. I picked one up and am very pleased. Did a lot of research, and while a clone this shotgun has very consistent good reviews. Some reviewers state the 982 has features that are better than the 870. The Hawk can use nearly all 870 parts, but not the barrel.
  7. 1411

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    +1 on the IAC Hawk - big fan of mine
  8. 303tom

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    $250.00 bucks at Wal-Marts.........Stevens 350

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  9. apwvsd40ve

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    Everyone had given you some great options. I have one pump 12 ga. That I use for everything...Mossberg 835...however based on your listed guns...I want a coach gun bad...I would go for that one...but I would not be likely to use it for HD.
  10. JTJ

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    Uncle Joe really put some bias against the double but they were used for years. 2 very fast shots is a very compact firearm. A 20" double is a lot shorter than an 18" pump. I would not get one with exposed hammers/snaggers. Especially good if you have a situation where it has to be kept unloaded. Very useful as a survival weapon. You can keep shot in one barrel and heavier shot or a slug in the other. Now if it is crowd control, I'll take a pump with an extended mag. 2 is company, 3 is a crowd.
  11. gunsmoke11

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    Please don't knock the doubles. Even in the PD they were issued to the old time detectives that used them while serving warrants, etc.. Many of these men were not very familiar with the Remington and Ithaca pumps that we used and it was for safety reasons that the doubles were issued. These shotguns were cut down and extremely easy to move about when in close quarters. Believe me a double can be a fine HD gun and I wouldn't feel under gunned using it either.

    You have to realize that most people have no training with pumps, which does require a certain amount of training to be proficient in it's use. Also, it's important to know that many incidents in the home occur while the homeowners are woken up from their sleep and are not clear headed. The pump being handled while half asleep can be very dangerous for others, as well as the intruder. At least the double with little effort can be checked to see if it's loaded. This is just my opinion.
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    That.Is Bad. Ass.