17hmr Henry lever

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    17hmr Henry lever and 17 browning Tbolt

    Has anyone had any experience with the 17hmr Henry? I had a Savage bolt action a few years back and I sold it because it didn't want to feed unless the clip was in it just perfect, it had some slop in it and if is slid down a hair, which in the course of carrying it around it always did, it would feed the shell too low and cause it to not enter the chamber. I would consider another 17 but that Savage gave me a bad taste. Also I'm a southpaw so the lever would be nice, I just want to make sure the accuracy will be there. That Savage was damn accurate.

    Edit: Actually I just saw that Browning is making a Left handed 17 Tbolt in sporter as well as varmint, so I will expand my question, has anyone ever shot one of these?
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    A gun shop owner friend of mine had one I believe it was the express model which is blued he had a weaver 3x9 hitting p-dogs at 150yds

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    Savage 93R17 GLV left hand bolt msrp $295. Birch stock. You can get a fancier stock from Boyds if you want one. My wife has had good service from her Savage right hand MKII and the Accutrigger is good.
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    Ya I know the Savage is cheap, I had one. Does it have any feed issues? I got rid of the last one for that reason, I won't have a gun that won't cycle ammo unless you baby it. The Browning has higher capacity and is supposed to be accurate too but its expensive.
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    I'd also consider the Marlin XT-17V-series...all the V's have Heavy Varmint Barrels & the X-7 centerfire series adjustable triggers :)
    Like the XT17-VSLB

    That being said, I still prefer .22WMR over .17HMR :D
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    I HAVE THE HENRY GOLDEN BOY IN 17 HMR , not only do I like it looks the rifle shoots superbly. You will be happy with it. I also have a Savage 17HMR with the Accu trigger and no problems with it,.:) Cliff!