17HMR and 22 Accuracy

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    I keep hearing about how accurate the 17HMR is compared to a .22lr or even a .22 mag, and I keep wondering why is it so much more accurate? Are the 17HMR bullets just loaded more consistently for accuracy? Are the guns in that caliber built better for accuracy? Is the bullet more accurate because it has a shoulder? Or is it a combination of everything?

    For some reason this is just driving me nuts. So are there any thoughts on why this new little bullet is so much more accurate than the venerable .22?:confused:
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    As far as I am concerned there is no comparison between the accuracy of the 22 LR and 22 mag compared to the 17HMR that is far superior in most all areas. 2500 Feet Per Second which means FLAT. Unbelievably accurate with 1/4 to 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. and more devastating on small varmints. Do not get me wrong the 22s certainly have their place and more economical to shoot. And a box of 50 ea. 17HMR Rounds will run from $11.00-12.00 a box.
    But I am just impressed with it's performance. The Savage Rifles and the Marlin Rifles are a couple of the most accurate. I personally have a Marlin 917V with a Rifle Basix Trigger in it. And it shoots under a 1/2 moa group at 100 yards and I have shot groundhogs consistently at 150 yards as well as other small varmints.


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    The 17 rimfires are shooting a real rifle bullet not a chunk of lead shaped like a bullet. The 22 mag can be very accurate as it is also a true bullet design but not in the class of the 17. More on the order of a pistol bullet. There is a new bullet for the 22mag of the same design as the 17. I have not tried them yet but have heard of some good accuracy reports. A lot depends on the individual rifle. I dont know if the traditional twist for the 22mag is optimal for the new bullets. Some of the 22mag rifles had tube feeds so bullet design was safety inspired. I believe a 22mag designed around the new bullets would be comparable to the 17hmr in accuracy and almost 2x the bullet weight. That would give it a big advantage on larger varmints. I am thinking of getting a 22 Hornet which I can load.
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    I keep hearing there is no comparison in accuracy and don't doubt that, but I'm wondering why? What makes the 17 so much more accurate? I get the speed and flat trajectory, but why are the groups so much better?
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    Depends on the range to some extent.

    Look at how the LR bullet is made- a heel seated bullet (case is crimped onto a smaller bit at the very rear of the bullet) the HMR uses what looks like a miniature version of a 30-06 bullet. It comes out of the barrel in better shape. And is consistent in shape from shot to shot.

    Most 22 LR is dropping back to subsonic speed by 100 yards. As that happens, the bow shock wave moving back on the bullet makes it yaw slightly. The HMR is still supersonic well past 100 yards.

    All other things being equal, a bull barrel 22 barrel has less metal than a 17- outer diameters about the same, hole in middle of a .17 is smaller. Slightly stiffer barrel results.

    Bullet is not only a LOT faster, it spins faster. Rate of twist for most .22 LR is about 1 in 16. HMR is 1 in 9.