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.177 Pellet Rifle

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I am looking to purchase a .177 caliber pellet rifle for my grandson to hunt small game with (squirrels, rabbits). What would be the minimum FPS to properly dispose of small game.

Thank You
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1000fps. or more...
Look for break barrels instead of CO2 powered... I like the GAMO brand, I had one of those and are indestructible, reliable, long lasting, exelent craftmanship... but you could look for Crossman brand too, I had a Crossman pistol and I loved but was a CO2 and sometimes run out of gas, that's why I do prefer the break barrel... and .177(4.5mm) it's a good caliber but I still prefer the .22(5,5mm).
I hope your grandson enjoy it!

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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