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.177 Pellet Rifle

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I am looking to purchase a .177 caliber pellet rifle for my grandson to hunt small game with (squirrels, rabbits). What would be the minimum FPS to properly dispose of small game.

Thank You
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And this grandson is how old? Cricket or Chipmunk or whatever it's called these days is designed for Grandpa . . . The gun is too small for most kids over the age of 8 -- which is the age where I'd be thinking about introducing a kid to shooting a 22 cal.

Marlin makes the 915Y -- scaled down single shot bolt action. I picked up one used for $99. But wouldn't let any kid have any sort of rifle . . . BB gun, etc. until he's about 14. Unless with adult supervision during the possession and use.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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