17 HMR on the hunting channel

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  1. gp50

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    :eek:I was watching the hunting channel today, and the hunter on the show was useing a 17 HMR model 93 Savage w/ bull barrel. He was dropping wild Swine hogs at 100+ yards with one shot just behind the ear. Just goes to show, that with the correct shot placement, the 17 HMR is a devestaing round.:eek:
  2. Gojubrian

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    I would have liked to see that!

  3. M14sRock

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    Dang, missed that.
  4. stalkingbear

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    I didn't see it but in my opinion, the .17HMR is a little light for coyotes-much less hogs. Sure it'll put them down with surgical precision but what about when you're off an inch or two? It'll miss the spine then and you'll have a wounded hog to find.
  5. jpattersonnh

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    Bear has it right. The beauty of taping is you can pick and choose what to include. JP
  6. gp50

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    Well, I guess that everyone has there own opinions, and as it should be. I was just convaying what I saw on the tube. Please don't shoot the messenger.:cool:Myself, I would have to weigh the sitsuation and make my own decision when and if the opptitunity happens, and with that decision, I would have to accept the responsibility, and the outcome. I have always hunted with the game as the top priority, after safety of course. One shot, one kill. I do not like to see a wounded animal run off in pain. It's a respect that I was taught ever before I was allowed to touch a firearm.
  7. big shrek

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    Or worse, the Hog tries to find YOU!! :D
  8. gp50

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    Had that happen once at Camp Chaffee Ark. That hog chased the whole patrol! Then someone remembered that we had weapons... well you can guess the rest. Tasted great!
  9. orangello

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    That is what i'm thinking. A PO'd sow ran a local hunter up into the back of his truck & then destroyed his mud tires (doofus dropped his rifle).
  10. cpttango30

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    The 17HMR is not a coyote or hog round. There is no way around it. It doesn't have the energy to safely and humanly kill any animal over the size of a woodchuck. I would not trust it on a chuck I have seen some of them little fat bastard take 2 60gr V-Max and still make it to the hole.

    The 17gr bullet has a whopping 245 # of ME The safe low cut for a big game round is 1000 # of energy. So unless your shooting baby pigs or some super small pigs your not even close to being a decent cartridge.

    There was a guy that took a 220 Swift to hunt bull elephants. Unfortunately that was the last hunt he ever went on. You can go and hunt anything with anything does it mean it is right. Hunting shows are just that SHOWS. They don't give you a feel for the real thing they most of the time are caned hunts that take no skill and no brains to do. Really how hard is it to hunt over a big pile of bait?

    I seen a guy lost the door of his pick up to a hog in ca these weren't big hogs either maybe 50 or 60# max. It caught the door with a tusk and proceeded to rip it open like a can opener. It then popped 2 of his tires.

    Sorry the 17hmr is nothing more than a glorified squirrel caliber.

    As a hunter your goal should be to kill you quarry in a quick safe and humane fashion so as to not cause undo suffering to the game.