.17 HMR first time for groupings

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by kaido, May 8, 2013.

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    Finally had a fairly windless day to play around with the little bugger. I brought out two brands of ammunition with me that where of different bullet type. The first of which was Hornadys V-max, the second was CCIs TNT, both of these were 17grs.

    The thing that got me to try at 100 yards today was the fact that I was able to get some pretty wicked groups at 25 yards.

    The first picture is of a grouping done with the CCIs, I honestly thought I totally missed on the second shot, then on the third shot I seen the hole open a little bit. I got a little excited and pulled the last show, which made it just shy of a half inch group, not counting that flier, it's a damned nice group if I do say so myself.

    The second picture I was a little more relaxed and thus didn't have any fliers this time around. Both these groups where shot at 25 yards to check windage mainly.

    I knew all my 100yard groups would open up a good bit, the temperature started to drop and I had moved closer to a little body of water to get the standoff distance I was trying for.....was actually 106yards, but who's counting pennies nowadays? Only the shots with an X through them where counted in the groups.

    The gun used was a Savage 93R17 with a heavy barrel, BSA sweet 17 6-18x40 and a cheapo Walmart Bi-pod.

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    Looks good. It appears like you have more horizontal stringing from the breeze, which is expected with a .17. Look out bugs!

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    Sadly I do. But even so, I'd still be able to hit gopher to that that distance, which makes me happy happy. Haha

    The target is pretty cool, all the bugs are given a a score with the legend in the upper corner. Almost think we should have a shoot off on FTF with these targets. Maybe give a set amount of shots allowed.