.17 Fireball

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Benelli29, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Benelli29

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    I was wondering how you guys feel about the new remmington caliber the .17 Fireball.
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  2. Righteous

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    we'll see if it catches on, my bet is NO, the ammo wil not be cheap and so most will turn away from it, all the hype from the .17 HMRs has long gone now so only time will tell.

  3. crossfire

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    .17 <cough> Remington

    Since it's been around for 40 years as the .17 Mach IV, I'd say it'll last a while.
  4. tuck2

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    I have a 17 Fireball

    Last year I purchased a Remington 700 CDL SF Limited Ed 17 Fireball and mounted a Leupold 6-18 X scope on it . I also got five boxes of Remington 20 grain bullet ammo, darn it cost $24 per box of 20 ea. After test fireing the rifle I adjusted the trigger down to a three pound trigger pull and free floated the barrel. At 100 Yards I got 6/10 th inch five shot groups with the Rem ammo. Sofare I have shot about fifety prairie dogs at ranges between 125 and 280 yards with the factory ammo. I like the little 17 rifles and have a 17 HM2 and 17 HMR rimfire rifles and the centerfire 17 Rem rifle. I could see the pararie dogs being knock over with the scope set at 18 X and the low muzzle blast did not spook the other p dogs into their holes like when shooting them with a 22-250 Rem. My reloaded ammo using the Hornady 25 Gr HP bullet , 19.0 Gr ( MAX) of Benchmark powder, Federal 205 M primers, in Remington cases will put five bullets into .5 and .6 inch groups..MV avg is 3,880 ft/sec. When ever the snow melts I ll go out and try out the 25 Gr bullets on p dogs. I expect the 17 Fireball to make a fine 300 Yd p dog rifle where the 25 Gr bullet still has about 340 ft/lb energy. With the rifle sited in at 190 Yds the bullet is abut 7/10 th of an inch high at 100 Yds and 5.4 inches low at 300 Yds.