16" M4 build test and beretta 96 .40S&W

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    I was able to get to an indoor range that allowed higher caliber rifles (Maxon's in Des Plaines, IL) this weekend to test out my recently finished M4 build and a borrowed beretta 96 in .40 cal. My friend also brought his ruger 77 in .270win for shoulder smacks in sets of four;)

    I found the beretta 96 a very comfortable handgun to shoot. this was at about 25 ft the upper left group was my buddy as well as the close pair lower right of center. I got a couple in the orange circle but still tend to hit lower left when aiming at center.


    was happy to have the M4 work with only one minor issue. the trigger hesitated to cycle a couple times, it seemed fine after a few shots warmed it up... so might need to make some adjustments...but for the most part it was hitting where we pointed the iron sights....a little low and left again, but the last 10 rounds were decent....this was only 60 ft though too.


    :eek:OMG...pretty hot barrel after 50-60 rounds...
    :cool:OMG...how fun to shoot with this thing.....such a cool piece of machinery. Ely Whitney would be so proud....the baffles in the range happened to add some nice movie like sounds, guess i was just impressed by the overall operation of the gun and hearing it cycle....(aka noob)....

    the ruger mk 77 .270 win was also nice to shoot and only took 8 rounds to tenderize my novice shoulder...:eek:

    just cant wait to get to an outdoor range with 100yd and up oppurtunities...

    looking to try out atleast a sig p226 and any 1911 model before i make take the plunge and buy a handgun.
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