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What's a fair price to ask for one of these, it has the 11.5" barrel with a pinned brake on it, fixed carrry handle includes bcg and charging handle.
What is fair is what you can get out of it. Laws of supply and demand. If the AWB passes in any form, the prices will pretty much stay what they are now. If not, the market will be flooded with a bunch of AR's people were charged 3-5 times what they were going for before Obama's re-election. Some of the u I am of the belief that the congressmen and senators in all but a few states who vote for any version of the AWB will be replaced in 2014. The republican party is gearing up for recall elections here in KY for any of our congressmen or senators who vote for AWB. I don't know if it will happen, but due to the number of gun mfrs we have here, no one here will be happy if it passes.
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