15th District Napoleon Harris Survey wants your opinion on concealed carry

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    March 13, 2013​

    Dear Friends,

    Last December a federal appeals court declared Illinois’ state law prohibiting concealed carry of a firearm unconstitutional. The court gave the General Assembly 180 days to pass a revised law providing regulations for residents to carry a loaded firearm in public places.

    If the General Assembly does not enact a new gun law by June 9, the current concealed carry ban will expire. Illinoisans could covertly or openly carry any firearm almost anywhere.

    Over the next few months, the Senate will discuss options for a new concealed carry law. To better represent my district, I want to hear what residents of the 15th District think.

    Please take a moment to answer these questions about concealed carry and open carry. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. https://docs.google..../viewform?pli=1

    Senator Napoleon Harris, III
    15th District – Illinois
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    I feel that concealed carry is a good thing, with all the budget cuts and other financial shortfalls response time for incidents suffer so an individual is responsible for their life and safety is in their hands so they need to have the ability to defend themselves. In a truly utopian world there would not be a need for police or rules or laws but there is no utopia.

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    Here is my reply...

    Criminals don't follow laws. New laws won't stop criminals from breaking the law. Criminals ignore current laws. Why would the criminals obey new laws? Chicago is proof that gun control doesn't work, 500+ murders on the books in 2011, I bet 99% by illegal gun owners. Law abiding gun owners aren't out in the streets killing people. Taking guns away or limiting the types of guns law abiding citizens may own won't help anything.

    Magazine bans won't help anything. A magazine can be changed with very little practice in under a second. The world record for a Revolver 12 shot with a RELOAD is 2.9 seconds. How exactly will magazine bans help anything? The Virginia tech shooter had 10 round magazines.

    Assault weapons bans will accomplish nothing. Furthermore the term "Assault weapon" is not accurate. By definition of the United States Army, a weapon must be burst fire or FULLY automatic to truly be an assault weapon. Therefore what is trying to be banned is NOT an assault weapon, by definition. A scary black rifle won't turn law abiding citizens into cold blooded killers. A firearm is no more or less dangerous based on the cosmetic features of the firearm. According to the US department of Justice, an assault weapons ban will have very little affect on crime rates because they are used in a very small percentage of crime.

    Let's talk about FACTS and not about feel good legislation. Want to fix crime? Let's focus on JOBS and mental health. Let's focus on drugs and what we can do to reduce the epidemic, since it seems most crime, especially urban crime, stems from drugs. There is lots we can discuss on that subject which will have more affect on crime than on gun control. Gun Control is proven NOT to work, and Chicago is proof.

    We the people are watching our elected officials and we are taking notice. We will not tolerate any violation of your sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Let me remind you of what happened to the Democratic party after the assault weapons ban of 1994. If you cherish your job working for us, you will do the right thing and OPPOSE ALL BANS ON FIREARMS AND MAGAZINE AND WILL BE A PROPONENT FOR CONCEALED CARRY WITH PREEMPTION AND SHALL ISSUE.