West Virginia .154 Anti-Walk Pins for Most AR's $15.99 Set

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    These are top quality 300 Stainless Pins with Grade 8 Black Oxide Allen Head Screws (Two Allens Included) and already have the Locktite applied. Simply replace existing pins and Snug (do not over tighten) screws for a permanent fix of the stock pins that have a tendency to "WALK" out of place at the worst possible moment, in extreme rapid fire conditions. In real life, guns get bumped, if the pin detent is disturbed, the next firefight they can walk. You do not want a useless weapon in a gunfight. Might as well have a knife. These pins fix the problem before it starts. Other companies are selling these for about 30 dollars a set but here we have them for half that and as many sets as you want. Will work with Daniel Defense, LWRC, LMT, and Larue to mention a few. Also DPMS, Noveske and Knights. You spend money to make your gun look better, spend a little to make it WORK better, Always Free Shipping,,,, These pins will work with all standard "small pin " .154 Lower receivers, regardless who makes them........ the majority of lowers have small pin holes that are 5/32 inch. If you have anything but Colt, it is 99 percent chance you have small pins.

    For Picture see Gunbroker.com item number 378818804 but payment sent direct gets fastest shipment, Paypal address is erv@writeme.com

    Follow Up Note and Free Advice: As a former Special Operations Officer I thought I might pass along a little knowledge gained through experience. Probably the most common malfunction of the AR/M4 family of weapons is feed/magazine and the second is probably pin walk. That is when either the hammer or trigger pins or both move or "walk" out of position in the lower receiver. This usually occurs during rapid fire or as Murphy put it "at the worst possible moment". Trust me, you do not want this trouble in the middle of a Fire Fight. Anyway, it is probably one of the most preventable. These anti walk pins, whether mine or any other cheaper of more expensive, all do the same, the "anti- rotation" type even keep them from wearing the lower receiver but the average shooter will never use the weapon enough for that to be a concern. Anyway, this virtually eliminates the possibility of that malfunction and greatly improves overall reliability of these guns. An ounce of prevention etc and well worth the investment............ no matter where you get it,,,,,,,,,, or what style
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    These pins are great. Put a set on my AR today.