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Your 30-06.
The Rifle Zeroed at 100 Yards with the 150 gr.
But each ammunition shoots slightly different according to the Round. But that will let you figure it out close! So IMO at 100 Yards the 180s should only vary somewhere around 1.5 - 2 inch at the most in elevation. so you would simply aim 1.5 to 2 inch high at 100 yards!
Windage depends on the round! But at 100 possibly little if any but it it does probably no more the 1.5 to a max of 2 inches. As I said it is hard to know buy this should put you in the Ball Park! (y) To many variables with different ammunition.
But once again it would only take a minute to make the slight adjustments that would be required for the 180 gr. Bullets. Your looking at only an MOA or close adjustment.
But if you do be sure to record the changes you made so when you go back to the 150s you will have the information for both incase you would ever go back to 180s. But be also sure you copy down the details on the Box.
I do know that with the 180 gr. Bullet Zeroed at 2" High at 100. It will drop an additional 2.82 inches at 300.

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