14 year old sues school over gun t-shirt

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    This is from FOXNEWS.COM
    Way to go kid!

    A 14-year-old Pennsylvania schoolboy is fighting back after being sent to detention for wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of a gun in honor of his uncle fighting in Iraq.

    Officials at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, Pa., gave Donald Miller III two days of detention in December after he refused to turn his shirt inside out. But Donald and his parents say the shirt is a symbol of patriotism, and they've taken the case to federal court.

    Donald's shirt showed a military weapon and the words "Volunteer Homeland Security" on the front. The back of the shirt displayed the words "Special Issue — Resident — Lifetime License — United States Terrorist Hunting Permit — Permit No. 91101 Gun Owner — No Bag Limit" over another image of the weapon.

    Miller said he wore the shirt in honor of his uncle, Brian Souders, who is serving in Iraq and who gave it to Miller as a gift.

    Donald and Tina Miller filed a federal freedom of speech lawsuit in January against the school district, saying it violated their son's First Amendment rights.

    "Donald Miller wears the T-shirt to make the political and emotional statement that he supports his uncle, and all our armed forces, as they bravely exercise their duty to defend this great nation," Miller's attorney, Leonard G. Brown III, wrote in the federal complaint cited in the Sunday News.

    The school district is defending its decision, saying it needs to keep students safe during a time of school shootings.

    Kevin French, an attorney for Penn Manor, said the school district must create a safe environment, and Miller's T-shirt violated school policy.

    "Students who come to school enjoy limited First Amendment rights," French told the Sunday News. "But the school district has the right to enforce policies that protect students."

    A federal judge will review this case on March 31.
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    These school officials who gave the kid a hard time should be tarred and feathered. And fired.

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    Gee, when was the last time a shirt shot someone? Government schools get worse every year.
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    I'm glad this kid and his family are sticking up for themselves. Being a recent graduate I know how rediculous the schools can be about things like this. Maybe if they win it will open up the eyes of some school officials and take some of the politically correctness out of the school system and they can focus more on educating kids instead of deciplining them.
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    The public school system HATES students that speak up against anything. They expect every student to be a sheep and just follow the person in front of them. I spent alot (at least 2 days a week) of time in detention while in middle school. I called everything the way I saw it, spoke up about things I felt were not right and just made my opinion clear in general. The teachers and principals of that school hated me and every one of them knew my name, even the ones who had never taught me. The only time I can recall speaking my opinion in high school was when OJ's verdict came through as a "not guilty". That opinion landed me a free week off from school.
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    If you have seen the movie V for Vendetta, look at how the US is portrayed. We are kind of heading in that direction right now. The Nanny Government will take care of you, just do what we say and pay.
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    I can't seem to agree with you there. I see the school system as as enigma in the sense that: students are taught to be free thinkers, question authority, demand to know and understand government actions, defy common perceptions, make an impact, etc. So Lil' Johnny wears a shirt to school that says "Bush Sucks" and it's ok, Timmy can wear the a-typical hat with the pot leaf on it, it's okay. But, when Billy wears his gun advertisment shirt to school it's an issue. Why? Because the super far left liberals that IN GENERAL are in the education/ administration field support the first two opinions, but not the third. It may not be a purposeful intentional act, but they impart their ideals on the students, they don't empower them to CHOOSE their own. For example, I had a sociology teacher who was PROUD of the fact that he joined the Peace Corps to, and only to, avoid going to Viet Nam. I was fairly well able to debate with him, even at 17 years old. His final decision was that I didn't have a feel for the political and social climate of the times as I was not even alive then. I suggested involving the vice principal whom was a decorated vet and SOG operator. However, the teacher didn't feel his input would be beneficial. I can understand that involving the vp would no doubt create friction between the two, but this guy wanted to push his opinion of the conflict in Viet Nam on 30 kids who as a majority, didn't know anything about it. And to admit he "dodged" the draft because he opposed the political decision? NO. Because he was scared. Just like the other hundreds of thousands of guys that went. But they went because their country asked them to. Everything is not free.
    Anyhow, I find that the more leftist the students expressed opinion is, the more it's tolerated and even encouraged. I live in Vermont, good bad or indifferent. First it was gay marriage. So, every idiot and their brother that supported it put a celebrate diversity rainbow pink triangle sticker on their car. "Are you gay?" "No, but I support gay marriage". Okay. Desperate for a cause. Now there is a huge push, within the legislature, to decriminalize certain quanties of marijuana. Now it has become a matter of being allowed to do what the federal government says you can't. Backed by a bunch of far leftists. My point in all of this is, a certian mindset exists amongst some people that one should be left to do whatever one wants, as long as those in power happen to agree with what that person wants to do.
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    The family should go for it. The more support we show for the troops the better, in any way shape or form. Won't get into the argument about the school system. It's been so long since I was a student, we were still in the middle of the Viet Nam war. (Enlisted right after I graduated.)