12GA FH- 700HE- Big Bore Power-

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    Here is more about the 12GA From He!! that
    I posted earlier on here, with the info about the videos.
    Here is closeup pic of Rob's 12GA FH, a Borchardt falling block
    action. Real nice. It was first gun set up for 12GA FH.
    In picture is a long brass 12ga case with one
    of Rob's 2000gr bore rider, solid, streamlined slugs. My
    Savage 210 was the second, shown in next pic.I added
    and chambered a heavy barrel on it. It has been firing and
    testing loads for nearly 3 years. One favorite slug is a hardened
    Dixie 600gr, and at 2500-3000 fps, it has the power that
    is shown in videos on You Tube.(Under Grandpa's Cannon).
    3rd picture Is the NEF 12ga Ultra Slug gun I deepened the
    chamber on for out 12GA FH. It come with a barrel heavy
    enough for our hairy loads.Ed



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