12 Gauge Mystique?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Gonecountry, May 31, 2007.

  1. Gonecountry

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    Why is it that many shooters feel that shotguns in 12 gauge posses super powers? I do realize that the smaller gauges just do not have the ability to launch the payload of a 12, but many seem to think that the smaller gauges are useless.

    So, what magical properties do 12 gauges have that 20's and 28's don't?
  2. Shooter

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    In regards to what? Hunting or clay shooting?

  3. ScottG

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    Generally I guess it's the nice big hole pointing at a bad guy. Most people don't seem to like the idea of something large threatening them.

    Don't have any opinion on the results of the loads, I have a 20 gauge. It shoots just fine for hd.
  4. BrassMonkey

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    They all look big when they are pointed at you ;) .
  5. JoeLee

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    With the various loadings,and 2,3/4 to 3,1/2" shells,the 12Ga does it all and much more versatile,and almost equal with the 10Ga.
  6. SheGUN

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  7. BLS33

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    When I used to skeet and trap shoot I only used a 20 guage, the 12 guage guys always did feel superior. Of course that was until us 20 guage guys racked up higher scores. It's all about the shooter.
  8. Bidah

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    For shot loads, the 12 will have more of the same pellets than a 20. But then the 20 shooters tend to be very accuate as they recoil less. Some prefer a real challenge and shoot 410.. :)
  9. uncle jer

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    20 ga is a very good gun for hd , but 12 has more factory loads offered and they are available almost anywhere 20's are my second choice, more loads are becoming available,because older and smaller people are looking for home defense guns in this ga. I have hunted and killed deer with no problem with a 20 ga Mossberg 500 any gun that will kill a deer will work for hd. Keep it simple and find a gun you are comfortable with and one you will practice with someday your life and the life of your loved one may depend on your ability to use this gun. only you know whats right for you.
  10. chorst294

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    I'd feel comfortable protecting myself with either. I've just always used the 12's as the ammo is more obtainable in my area. During SWAT training a couple of years ago, we did some testing with handguns (9mm & .40), AR-15, and 12 gauge against bullet proof vest and wet media. We were all pretty happy with the performance of the .223, but nobody was expecting the totally devastating effects the 12 gauge slug had on the vest and wet media. Short of a cannon, I couldn't imagine a better close range weapon than a shotgun (12 or 20 gauge).
  11. Dillinger

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    I am going to have to vote Tradition. It's what people have been told, forever, just like so many other "myths" in the firearms world.

    First off, the difference in gauge is merely the size of round, cylinder shaped solid lead balls, equal to the inside of the muzzle, to equal one pound. 12 Gauge - 12 round balls. 20 Gauge - 20 round balls. The only difference is when the .410 comes in to play...

    Now, I own a 12 Gauge because I really wanted that particular model, the 12 Gauge is prominent, and it's ability to find ammo, or resale, will be easier than something obscure.

    There is nothing wrong with a 20 Gauge - If you take a blast in the chest with it, you are probably not getting up. If you do, you won't be going far.

    But, modern literature of the past, what, 60 years has people using the 12 Gauge, and that is what the common thought is. Everyone uses a 12 Gauge, so it must be the best.

    The gun world is filled with marketing campaigns that turned into legend. Hell, the modern world is full of them. Why the hell do you think every woman has a diamond on their finger when they get married - marketing, marketing, marketing....

  12. WinM70

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    I like the wide selection of payload offered by the 12ga, also last time I looked the 12 shells were less $ than the 20ga now on the shelf.