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12 ga. slug story...

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Gander Mountain was having a sale this weekend so I picked up various 12 ga. slug ammo to try out for s#!ts and grins. Got some Federal Vital Shok Truball low recoil, Brenneke K.O.'s, and Remington High Velocity. Went to the range today to test out effective distances. Started with the K.O.'s - liked those. Then the Feds.- Decent too. Then I loaded in a Remington H.V. which BTW are 1800 fps slugs! Pulled the trigger and the damn thing jumped so hard it knocked my ear muffs off right into the trash can!:D Loved 'em! The range owner's son was watching and he LHMFAO!
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i cant sit my head right shooting any long gun with muffs on they either get knocked off or i cant see through the sights properly. can someone please tell me why?
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