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12 ga. slug story...

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Gander Mountain was having a sale this weekend so I picked up various 12 ga. slug ammo to try out for s#!ts and grins. Got some Federal Vital Shok Truball low recoil, Brenneke K.O.'s, and Remington High Velocity. Went to the range today to test out effective distances. Started with the K.O.'s - liked those. Then the Feds.- Decent too. Then I loaded in a Remington H.V. which BTW are 1800 fps slugs! Pulled the trigger and the damn thing jumped so hard it knocked my ear muffs off right into the trash can!:D Loved 'em! The range owner's son was watching and he LHMFAO!
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I am the same way, they hit the cheek rest. I like using buds, but some ranges don't allow them, and you have to use muffs.
That's what happened. I actually had buds in and had the muffs over them. Good thing too, 'cause the local PD was training some new hires at the same time. If I wasn't wearing buds underneath, I would have been fishing my muffs out of the range can w/o any hearing protection! Next time I shoot those Rem. High Velocity slugs, I'll still double up on the hearing protection, awkward or not, because when you shoot those, everyone will look at you cause they know that what you just shot had some balls! Much louder than al the other slugs I shot that day.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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