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    Does anyone have the dimensions for the 11 mm. I believe, I have Rolling Block. in 11mm Mauser. I have been Firer forming 45/70 cases.
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    Try here - -
    or here
    Dimensions of the 11mm Mauser Cartridge, according to my 1882 Kynoch catalogue, are:

    Total Length: 3.025"
    Case Length: 2.376"
    Rim Diameter: .590"
    Case Head Diameter: .515"
    Case Body to Shoulder: 1.432"
    Case Body to Top of Shoulder: 1.576"
    Neck Diameter: .511"
    Diameter of Paper Patched Bullet: .467"

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    There were several 11 mm Remington Rolling Blocks made. Most common is probably the Argentine RB 11mm, but called the .43 Spanish. Egypt had their own 11mm, similiar to the 43 Spanish, but different. Darn if I can remember the third one for sure, perhaps a western European country. The 1871 German rifle (not a RB) had a 11mm too, but called the 43 Mauser. As I recall, none of the 11mm Remington cartridges had the same dimensions.

    hiwall's post shows the paper patched bullet for a 11mm to have a .467 diameter. A long time ago I bought some UMC 43 spanish ammo probably made around 1900 and it was not paperpatched, but did have black powder in it. Today, if I order bullets for my .43 Spanish, I buy .439 diameter ones.
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    Are you sure you don't have a 11 MM Egyptian? The RB 11 MM Egyptian is a very common chambering in the Remington. :)
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    43 Spanish or 11.15x58R, info from Lee Manual

    Over all length: 2.845
    case length: 2.255
    rim diameter: .629
    case head: .522
    case body to shoulder: 1.45
    case body to top of shoulder: 1.67
    neck diameter: .462
    bullet diameter: .439

    By the way, long time ago I used 43 mauser(11mmMauser) ammo in my Argentine 43 Spanish Rolling Block. Something I don't recommend you do, but hey, it chambered OK and try to find 43 Spanish ammo back in the mid 1960s. Anyway, once fired, case fireformed and then just trimmed back the longer 43 mauser brass. Still have some of this brass that I still reload.
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