1100 build now at the barrel.

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    I am in the process of building an 1100 for $hits and giggles (along with a ton of other projects). The plan for the gun is what most would call a "tactical" shotgun (I call them black shotties).

    Since I have three other shotties that are pretty much dedicated to buckshot, I planned on this one being used for slugs. Before I jump in and buy a rifled barrel I have a couple of questions in case I ever do want to shoot buckshot out of it.

    Can you shoot buckshot through a rifled barrel without damaging the barrel?

    Is a smooth bore barrel with a rifled Rem Choke even close to as accurate as a fully rifled barrel?

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    This is no where NEAR my area of expertise, but I will be checking back for the answers....


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    Color me clueless. But I'm sure we have folks here that will have your answers.
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    1 - Yes, but it is going to scatter pretty fast. Lead will never hurt steel.
    2 - Maybe. Only way I have found is to try the barrel in question with various slugs and see. One of the most accurate "slug guns" I have ever seen was a plain old 1960 something 870 with a fixed modified choke barrel and a bead sight. With a rest I could group 5" at 150 yards, and the guy who owned it could hit 4". I had an 1100 barrel that miked 0.001" different at the business end, and 6" at 75 yards was good. You can never be sure with slugs without testing, but the best chance should be with a fully rifled barrel and good sights. I have seen lots of rifled tubes that were good to 100 yards though. Type/brand of slug can matter too.
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    If you intend to make sabot slugs the primary ammo, go rifled barrel.

    If you want it to be a Foster slug gun, it is a toss up.

    Buckshot will not damage a rifled barrel. The spin can mess up patterns with shot.
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    Thanks for the info. I never thought about the rifling spreading the pattern out, but it does make sense. The reason I asked about firing 00 out of a rifled barrel was because my heavy barrel for my 590 says specifically to not shoot bird shot and only use 4 buck or larger.

    Since a foster style slug out of a smooth bore is relatively accurate, then I would assume a smooth bore with a rifled choke might be my best bet.

    Thanks again,
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    The only way to find out if you can get by with a rifled choke tube is to try the slugs you intend to shoot through it. I have seen cases of sabot slugs grouping very well from rifled choke tubes.
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    Thanks Bear.

    I did some research on some shotgun only sites and found some info that confirmed what you guys said and expanded on it.

    Essentially they said a rifled barrel is for Sabot slugs only. You can shoot other slugs but you are risking severe fouling. You can shoot shot, but the accuracy is so poor you are shooting for the mere fun of pulling the trigger. If you gun were to be specific to shooting expensive sabot's then get a rifled barrel, however if you gun is multipurpose at all then get a smooth barrel with chokes. Carry an improved for 00 and a rifled for slugs. This allows you to shoot all types of slugs and shot without worry.

    After that I pretty much started running into guys arguing they get 3" groups with a smooth bore and bead sights and other claiming 1" groups with rifled chokes.

    Thanks for the help guys, I will probably be getting the Remington 21" smoothbore remchoke barrel with rifle sights. When I get the money that is.
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    In some research I did a while back, I was trying to determine the merits of the screw-in chokes. Compiling various reports I found that the rifled choke tubes are a very viable alternative to fully-rifled barrels. If you are shooting 8" groups at 100 with foster slugs in a smooth-bore, and 2.5" grups at 100 with sabot slugs in a rifled barrel, expect maybe 3.5" groups with the rifled choke tube and sabot or even brenneke slugs.