11-87 misfires

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    A while back I mentioned my father's 11-87 and having problems getting a barrel to fit. Well I got that problem solved and then my father passed away in January, so I thought maybe I should give that gun a try since dad had never shot it. I had part of a box of Winchester AA Target loads in 2 3/4 inch and decided to try those. Out of 4 shells only one fired. Of course it didn't cycle either. I totally expected that light load to not cycle in that gun, but to have three shells misfire was a real surprise. When I felt it was safe to eject the shells, I noticed the primer had a slight indentation from the firing pin but that was it. Anyone ever hear of something similar? The funny thing is the same shells fire fine in my 870. By the way this gun is an 11-87 Special Purpose bought new in 1988 and has never been fired, so it should be in good shape.
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    If the gun was new in '88 and never fired, it may have dried lube "gunking" it up.

    Try a good cleaning, and re-lube. Then try again. The 11-87 is a very good platform, and should give you several decades of service.