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    Last christmas I bought myself a Remington 11-87 SP fully rifled canalever. Sighting in the gun on the bench I had poor results initially.
    First I tried Remington copper solid 3" mags. I had a good zero at 50 yds. but at 100 they went every where!
    The second ammo I ran thru was the Hornady STS 2.75" and had similar results.
    Frustrated I did some research and found that some say the gun doesn't like the first two choices due to their high velosity 1600-1900 fps.
    Third I tried Remington Buck Hammers 3" mag and was able to drive tacks at 100 yds. However much past that they drop like a rock.
    I was hoping to be able to shoot the gun out to 150+ yds. which the first two ammo choices are good out to. Other findings suggest the barrel could be faulty. Any insight would be helpful.

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    Make sure you clean the barrel very well and very often. The plastic sabots will foul the barrel quickly at those velocities. Try Shooters Choice bore solvent. It is made to remove such fouling.

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    A good slug gun will do you well out to 100 yards with the right ammo. I assume you will be hunting in brushy or wooded areas, if so, you will probably never see a shot past 50 yards. If you are going to be taking shots on game beyond a reasonable distance with a slug gun, then buy a rifle. Slug guns do have their limitations in the field and so do most hunters, regardless of what most people claim they can do. JMHO..............