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I have been hearing about the 10mm. What is it? I know what 9mm is and
.45. where does the 10mm fall in between? what is it comparable too?
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10 mm uses the same bullet as the .40 S&W. It was designed to push 180-200 grain bullets 1200+ fps. It is a magnum powered cartridge in the proper loadings. It has been neutered to "subsonic" levels by the Famous But Incompetant types. In the "FBI" load (180 HP at 950-980 fps) it is no different than the .40. The .40 was invented because at that load level you did not need the long case of the 10 so you can stuff it in a 9mm sized handgun and get higher round count at the same power.

My S&W 1006 with Pro Load 180 gr Gold Dots run an honest 1300 fps which outdoes my .41 mag with Silvertips. The Sprinco recoil reducer tames this beastly round and the "subsonics" still function fine but will not lock the slide open after the last round.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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