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I have been hearing about the 10mm. What is it? I know what 9mm is and
.45. where does the 10mm fall in between? what is it comparable too?
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It is a long version of the .40 S&W. A 10mm to a .40 S&W is like a .357 Magnum to a .38 Spl. Only a limited amount of guns produced for it though...
Kind of..... 10mm was first introduced in the Bren Ten in 1983. Cartridge was adopted by the FBI in '87, only to be replaced by the less effective 40S&W when weak armed desk jocks complained of excess recoil and report. Lots weapons are still available in 10mm, but not many current production models.
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Check out the FBI's report on the 10 MM
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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