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    I have been hearing about the 10mm. What is it? I know what 9mm is and
    .45. where does the 10mm fall in between? what is it comparable too?
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    It is a long version of the .40 S&W. A 10mm to a .40 S&W is like a .357 Magnum to a .38 Spl. Only a limited amount of guns produced for it though...

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    Kind of..... 10mm was first introduced in the Bren Ten in 1983. Cartridge was adopted by the FBI in '87, only to be replaced by the less effective 40S&W when weak armed desk jocks complained of excess recoil and report. Lots weapons are still available in 10mm, but not many current production models.
    Colt Delta Elite/Gold Cup, Colt Double Eagle, Kimber Target II, Kimber Eclipse,EAA Witness, S&W 1006/1076, Glock 20/29, AMT Javelina, MP5, MP10.

    Check out the FBI's report on the 10 MM

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    I think the 10mm falls just under the 41 magnum in power. Some loads are just above .40 S&W while others are full-house loads. The 10mm seems to be gaining a little bit of new interest. I just got a Fusion Firearms 10mm 6-inch Long-Slide. I really like it. I have photos posted in my Gallery.
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    10 mm uses the same bullet as the .40 S&W. It was designed to push 180-200 grain bullets 1200+ fps. It is a magnum powered cartridge in the proper loadings. It has been neutered to "subsonic" levels by the Famous But Incompetant types. In the "FBI" load (180 HP at 950-980 fps) it is no different than the .40. The .40 was invented because at that load level you did not need the long case of the 10 so you can stuff it in a 9mm sized handgun and get higher round count at the same power.

    My S&W 1006 with Pro Load 180 gr Gold Dots run an honest 1300 fps which outdoes my .41 mag with Silvertips. The Sprinco recoil reducer tames this beastly round and the "subsonics" still function fine but will not lock the slide open after the last round.
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    I use a Wolff 18# recoil spring on my EAA Witness, and honestly, the recoil seems no worse to me than my Para-Ordnance P14-45. And that's using 165 grain, 1350 fps ammo from Reed's Ammo and Research. I tried 20 and 22# springs, but they both made cycling the slide a serious problem. The only real problem with Tanfoglio using the CZ-75 design, not enough metal on the slide to get a good hold on it.